Fun For Kiddos!

We have rolled out a new line of play items for the young ones in our lives. See Staci has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and we decided to utilize her knowledge and background. But here’s the twist, our play dough and moon sand are only made from food grade items and are completely non-toxic. (Though we wouldn’t recommend you eat them.) And our crayons are made from non-toxic Crayola(TM) crayons.

Play dough and Moonsand

The play dough is scented with essential oils to give it light fun fragrances and the moon sand is a fun sensory experience you have to feel to truly understand. Both are available in multiple awesome colors and the have cool, amazing names to boot!

The moon sand is fun to squish, manipulate and model; while the play dough works the same as the mass produced stuff you would buy at the store. So break out those cookie cutters and rolling pins and go to town!

The moon sand comes in a tri-pack pictured above on the left. And play dough is available in a 4-pack which is pictured on the right. Alternatively both are available for purchase individually in a larger size that is pictured below.

Crazy Crayons

In addition to play dough and moon sand we have crazy, fun-shaped crayons. They are made from top of the line Crayola(TM) crayons, so they last and they will color with ease. They leave cool multi-colored lines on the pages and they are just a fun new experience for the artist in your family.

These crayons come in a variety of shapes and most of them are featured on our website but I’ll let you in on a secret. Some crayons can only be purchased at our craft show booth. Come see our first one on June 20, 2020 at the Pastime Club in Imperial from 9am to 4pm. We hope to see you there!

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