Bath Products!

So remember those craft show exclusive products well now they are available in our store! We have a total of 6 products available currently and more in the works. Our bath products are made without harsh chemicals and are safe for all to use.

First we have our brown sugar vanilla body scrub, “Pour some sugar on me.” This scrub is a gentle exfoliator that soothes irritation, improves skin tone, and hydrates the skin with a warm welcoming scent.

Then there is “Look ma new hands”, which is a lavender hand scrub. It is a light exfoliator that refreshes and moisturizes the skin while giving a subtle calming scent.

And the last scrub is “Toes in the water”, which is a peppermint foot scrub. It is a strong exfoliator that leaves feet feeling hydrated and revitalized with a cool refreshing scent.

We also have fizzy bath soak which comes in three aromatherapy scents. A citrusy, “you got this” that helps wake you up. Then there is “adulting is hard“, which is wonderful for stress relief. And lastly there is one to help calm and ease your mind called “information overload“. Our fizzy bath soak is all the benefits of a bath bomb, but you control the amount you use.

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