Custom Order Process

Recently we did our first big custom order for 150 coasters for a wedding. Along with a cake topper and 3 table signs, one each for the guest book, a quilt and the favor table.

We loved the project and the bride was amazing to work with, she was a repeat customer (we did the banner for her Zoom bridal shower). Plus, she is an incredible person with a big heart and wonderful story so we were so happy to be able to help her.


First step, paint the backs and edges of the coasters. We were making 3 designs so we used 3 colors blue, gold and silver. Next step, cut, weed and place vinyl on the coasters. Still we weren’t doing too bad, time consuming, but we were busting it out with the help of Melissa, Nicole’s sister, our go to back up.

Step 3, this is where things took a turn for the complicated. We added epoxy…first there was trouble getting the right amount of glitter. Then there was the table cloth disaster and the now epoxy coated dining room table. Also not only does epoxy take forever to dry, but we could only do 50 coasters at a time because of space. So this step took a good 4 or 5 days.

Step 4, having to grind off the epoxy drips from the bottom of the coaster. Now the hard part came in because these last 2 steps were only able to be done by Nicole. (Melissa and I wouldn’t touch it, this was Nicole’s territory.) So she had to personally grind 150 coasters. And the grinder bit thing (I know nothing about power tools) melted about 50 coasters in and I was sent for a replacement. Well 2 stores later and it is unavailable do to a certain incident going on so I bought a different grinding tool. Apparently what I bought was better, so I win! I just wanted to share my small victory in power tools, because power tools are not my forte.


So Nicole took a very basic cake topper from google and changed the dress, the height and shape of the groom and added the couple’s dog. Now, I’m pretty computer savvy, (I have a chemistry degree and yet I built this website.) But watching her work on Design Space is both headache inducing and awe inspiring.


This is where I came in. I have a Pinterest addiction, so when the bride gave us a basic idea but free reign on what she wanted. I went right to my favorite site for ideas. Unfortunately, we only got pictures of the photo booth sign. We were exhausted by this point, sorry guys.

And then it was just packaging and pickup, which was nice and smooth. Thank goodness. So our first big custom order was a success because the bride gave us the greatest feedback!

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