Recently we did our first big custom order for 150 coasters for a wedding. Along with a cake topper and 3 table signs, one each for the guest book, a quilt and the favor table. We loved the project and the bride was amazing to work with, she was a repeat customer (we did the […]

So remember those craft show exclusive products well now they are available in our store! We have a total of 6 products available currently and more in the works. Our bath products are made without harsh chemicals and are safe for all to use. First we have our brown sugar vanilla body scrub, “Pour some […]

April and May’s fundraiser for local healthcare workers was a success but we can do so much better! We are extending our fundraiser to June and July but we are switching our charity. For June and July we are embracing Nicole’s daughter’s love of animals for her birthday. So June and July’s 15% sales donations […]

So we’ve been rolling out items on our Instagram and Facebook. But did you know that we are saving the best items to be debuted at our craft show. A WHOLE line of new products to be exact. Come see the new products at the Pastime Club in Imperial, MO from 9am to 4pm on […]

We have rolled out a new line of play items for the young ones in our lives. See Staci has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and we decided to utilize her knowledge and background. But here’s the twist, our play dough and moon sand are only made from food grade items and are completely non-toxic. […]

Hey everyone, so Nicole and I have been racking our brains to try and figure out the best way for us to help during this pandemic. Well we’ve both dabbled in healthcare, Nicole went to school to be a medical assistant. And I’ve worked as a pharmacy technician in both retail stores and at a […]


So Nicole and I have had many a boisterous game night with family and friends. It began many moons ago by playing games with our parents at our extended ‘family’ gatherings. We would play any number of games until the wee hours of the morning. Not going to lie, we still enjoy a good game […]

Unfortunately a member of our friend family lost someone close to them this week. So as a gift for the memorial Staci made these delicate white flowers that she made into a faux potted plant. Below you see how she made the seemingly simple flowers at each step starting with the stamen, then adding the […]

Did you know that Semper Amici Crafts can make flowers out of all kinds of paper? Maps, music sheets, book pages, crepe paper, and even card stock! But today we are focusing on all the novelty roses and daisies we can make. We have fairy lights made from flowers and from boxes, both out of […]