Recently we did our first big custom order for 150 coasters for a wedding. Along with a cake topper and 3 table signs, one each for the guest book, a quilt and the favor table. We loved the project and the bride was amazing to work with, she was a repeat customer (we did the […]


So Nicole and I have had many a boisterous game night with family and friends. It began many moons ago by playing games with our parents at our extended ‘family’ gatherings. We would play any number of games until the wee hours of the morning. Not going to lie, we still enjoy a good game […]

New year means new beginnings, that for some of us means getting organized. We had a ‘fun’ time figuring out these double calendars, but they are super useful and Staci has already started using hers! Note: The larger one has been purchased but please contact us if you would like something similar and we can […]